Low-Code Platform: Concept and Advantages

In the current generation, there is a need for an organization to revolutionize their technique of app creation and distribution to enhance the process of app creation. Having a platform that will allow you to make what you want without coding from scratch.

If you are not a programmer, you have to hire experts from the IT department to code and customize the app the way you need it. The current technology should give the non-programmers a chance to develop their application. All that you will require is to know just a few shortcodes and tricks to enable you to build the app. It will not be necessary for you to be a full developer.

Low-Code Platform: Concept and Advantages

What are low-code platforms?

I know most of you do not understand what a low-code platform is. This is a platform that enables someone to design and create software faster and with little coding. It is an automation of the manual processes which consume a lot of time to allow the designer to deliver quality more reliably and quickly.

Advantages of low-code platforms

Nowadays if you want to put a website, you will use platforms such as Wix, WordPress rather than coding from scratch. Developers prefer the low code platforms due to their numerous advantages which will be discussed below.

Lower costs

Lower costs – minimized cost is one of the most obvious reasons that you should go for low codes. For instance, traditionally an app that could cost million dollars to develop in half a year can cost less than a hundred thousand dollars in just a few months to build using low code. It eliminates the middlemen, and in case of any, they earn little income. Developers will also use lesser resources.

Makes maintenance easier

Makes maintenance easier – all software requires frequent updates, debugging and changes to fit the user requirements. It will be easy for the developer to do so because they do not have to weeks or months developing fixes and updates. The traditional methods require the programmer to fix and update manually but with low code there very few errors to correct. The modules on these platforms have been tested to work harmoniously and therefore; there is no need to worry about the compatibility of any new feature.

A new type of development

A new type of developmentthe right thing with low code is that it gives the designer to come up with something that is new in the market. It does so by giving you a chance to create an app without necessarily developing each element. An organization expands a brand on top of each other by adding unique features to make it stand out in the market. A platform to create new things in the market.

Improves development speed

Improves development speed – we cannot ignore the fact that higher rate is one of the most significant advantages of using the low code technique. With this technique, it is possible to create applications within a few hours, days or months. Other business units create their applications without waiting for the IT development to do so. Little work is done since most of the coding has been done for you.

Fewer bugs

Fewer bugs – the right thing with low code is that little coding is done which means there will be fewer errors to fix. You cannot escape from issues that arise when a long code has been written. APIs on these platforms have been tested by most people, and therefore, there is little to prove after you develop your app using this platform. Fewer errors mean that short time will be spent during the testing and troubleshooting phase.

Greater accessibility

Greater accessibility – an application that has been designed with less code requires little bandwidth to run or to be downloaded. This is a good thing for the people who are in the rural area or instead places that do not have a good internet connection. The natural process of development allows the developers to release the application faster and lower cost or even for free. It makes the app accessible to the people with low income.

Reduces shadow IT

Reduces shadow IT – other business units overwhelm the IT department with the request of applications that they need and for this reason the shadow IT problem has continued to grow. The requesters are left with the option to seek for help from the third party because their requests cannot be approved.
The business users are given the freedom to use open source low code platforms to develop the application. But of course, the IT department will have control over the user access and data to avoid the organization’s information being compromised.

Keeps you current with new trends

Keeps you current with new trends – there are innovations since technology is changing so fast. Some programmers still know the old programming languages which prevent them from developing most current apps. With the help of low code platforms, developers can keep up with the current trends by producing the most recent applications.

How Do Low-Code Platforms Aid in Business Transformation?

These platforms have helped businesses fill the gaps left by app developers by allowing IT specialists develop applications without prior experience. The developers will be more productive since they spend little time during the development phase of the form. Organizations do not have to hire a group of programmers to create applications which helps in cutting the production cost.
The platforms close the gap between the other organizational units and IT department since they can create applications in the manner they are needed. IT professionals are also able to update and debug the app without interfering with its functionality. Firms can complete their processes and activities more efficiently and effectively.

Hope this video will help you understand better on low code platforms and their advantages.